Over the years, YASLAM TRADING has built a strong reputation for providing trustworthy service to both our suppliers as well as our clients. This has been built through constant innovation and always staying true to our commitment – serving our customers need through solutions that are geared to exceed their expectations. Whether it is the storage of your products, ensuring that they are distributed at relevant retail destinations across the country, or even in creative in market executions to increase visibility, YASLAM TRADING will always go the extra mile to ensure that your products are in the most capable hands at all times.


YASALAM TRADING has a reputation for its strong on ground executions and we try to further elevate this reputation every day. When you choose YASLAM TRADING as a partner, your product will remain in stock and visible in all relevant retail locations. Our team of category managers, sales executives as well as dedicated merchandisers ensure that through creative in market executions and regular visits, your product will always stand out on the shelf.


Our distribution and logistics partner WFL (World Freight Logistics) is a strong player in the 3PL landscape, known for its efficient and far reaching network. In terms of coverage we cover 100% of whole sale, 80% of traditional trade, 100% of modern trade, and 80% of food service customers. Furthermore each product we market and distribute, gets a customized distribution plan which guarantees an uninterrupted supply is maintained to ensure sales.


Partnering with YASLAM TRADING, will guarantee that your product is stored at international standards at one of the many fully temperature controlled and HAACP certified warehousing facilities, that we use through WFL (World Freight Logistics). Our frozen and chilled warehouses operate more than 19600 pallete positions and 37 docks to ensure simultaneous inbound and outbound operations. Furthermore, we use laser powered VNAs in a narrow selective racking system that meet optimal operating efficiency standards. Our dry warehouse also operates more than 11200 pallete positions with a combination of selective and deep racking systems. This whole setup is further backed up by the ALASKA warehouse management system.

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