With our help, you can find the most attractive stocklots of household appliances and high-end consumer electronics at extremely low prices. By using our platform, you can easily order full pallets of goods such as ends of the series, post demo products, ex-lease electronic equipment, etc., which you can buy at a favorable price and resell for profit.

On Yaslam Trading you will find lots of consumer electronics coming from:

  • the end of the series – e.g. when the manufacturer ceases the production of a given model,
  • leasing – e.g. ex lease printers or computers, which can be resold to companies as an economical office solution,
  • exposition – these may be appliances featuring some signs of use such as small scratches, yet they are fully functional
  • outlet stores – buying a full pallet or container significantly decreases the unit cost of the products and, consequently, allows you to earn a high commission on sales, both in wholesale and retail.


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