YASLAM TRADING has the vision of becoming the leading local producer and a trading powerhouse of agricultural and industrial goods in the Eastern and Southern Africa region offering the market with affordable and high quality products using its most efficient distribution network.

 Our reputation in providing customized customer solutions, uninterrupted supplies and a competitive product portfolio, backed by trusted on ground execution, has made us a reliable and trustworthy trading partner.



Tazweed is YASLAM TRADING’s affiliate company within the commodities and wholesale section. The vision for the company is to provide customized products and services for the whole sale and commodities market, thus improving efficiency and customer value. As one of the major players in the segment, Tazweed is known for its portfolio of products, as well as the customized solutions that it provides to its clients. This is in line with our vision to deliver great value, while staying lean and improving efficiency in every area of our business.

Arabian Food Company (AFC)

Arabian Food company (AFC) is YASLAM TRADING’s affiliate company setup to increase our reach and strengthen our standing in the FMCG brand distribution sector. Keeping with our principle of providing ultimate value to our partners, AFC currently distributes multiple brands which include Tiffany, London Dairy, Allegro and Noor. As a separate company, with its own management, salesmen and other staff.


Azam is one of the leading Industrial Houses in Tanzania, East Africa. Started in a humble manner with a small restaurant in the Port City of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, in mid seventies, it has now emerged as one of the prominent family owned business group in the region, with a wide range of dairy brands including Azam Bakeries and Azam Fruit Juices . At Yaslam Trading we are proud be their local partners in progress. Our local partnership ensures knowledge sharing across both companies, as well as support across logistics and on-ground and in market executions.

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